5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Wedding Florist

What comes to your mind when you picture a beautiful wedding venue? Well, it is mostly the flowers that come to mind because weddings and flowers are synonymous, they go hand in hand! Choosing a wedding florist is an important task which calls for reviews, comparisons and contemplation; therefore don’t just follow your instincts or make hasty decisions when it comes to the task of zeroing in on the ultimate florist for your wedding. You should also ask your florist questions in order to learn more about their services and the flowers they offer, this way you can decide whether or not to hire the florist in question. The following are some of the top questions you can ask prospective wedding florists:


Can you hold the date chosen by me?
This is one of the most important and necessary questions to ask your wedding florist. You should ask this question right at the start without jumping in further into the process. After all, there is no need of wasting time discussing things with the florist if he/she cannot hold the wedding date and guarantee that he/she will be able to deliver the flowers on that day! If need be, then you should be agreeable to the idea of depositing a certain amount of money to hold the date. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Do you charge extra for delivery and set-up?
This is another vital question which is not asked enough. A lot of times, people sign in for wedding florist services without learning about all the expenses and the extra strings attached. There are plenty of florists who charge a substantial extra amount for delivery and set-up. While this may be worthwhile in case you wish to have complex flower arrangements or if your wedding venue is located far away from the florist shop, if the charge is too high then it is wiser to drop the florist and look for another one.

Do you have actual photographs of the past weddings you have served?
If you are not very familiar with the wedding florist you intend to hire then you should ask him/her for actual photographs of their past work. Instead of viewing the portfolio of airbrushed and manipulated photographs, you should insist on seeing the actual photographs of the past wedding venues that they have decorated. This way you will be able to verify their skills and also find out whether their styles complement your taste or not.

How many weddings do you usually handle in a day?
This is an important question because one of the most common problems with wedding florists is that they tend to take on too many weddings in a day and this tends to spoil their dedication towards each wedding. As a result, poor arrangement of flowers and non-compliance of the order preferences follow. Thus, if a wedding florist handles too many wedding in a day then it should definitely be perceived as a red flag.

Do You Offer Dried Flowers or Artificial Flowers?
Wedding florists aren’t all about fresh flowers, these professionals offer beautiful artificial and dried flowers too for decorating wedding venues. These are a great choice if you don’t prefer fresh flowers since their dried or artificial counterparts cost lesser!

Wedding flowers form a great part of your big day. Apart from providing decoration and adding color to the event, wedding flowers symbolize new life, rebirth and growth. Beautiful and good wedding flowers will be remembered by your guests after the wedding in addition to the food and the wedding dress. Choosing the right wedding florist can assist make the wedding arrangements a breeze but a difficult wedding florist can make the whole wedding design a nightmare. So picking the right florist is vital for making this big day a huge success.

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